Norfolk will be the best place in the country to see the Northern Lights tonight.

The Met Office has confirmed that the Northern Lights - also known as the Aurora Borealis - will be visible in our county's skies at around 9pm.

Due to a forecast of clearer skies than the rest of the country, Norfolk will be the most optimal place to observe the phenomenon. 

The Northern Lights are typically seen nearer to the Arctic Circle in locations such as Norway and Iceland and it is rare to see them in the UK

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Eastern Daily Press: The Northern Lights were spotted over Norfolk last night The Northern Lights were spotted over Norfolk last night (Image: Dan Holley)They are caused by particles from the sun entering the Earth's atmosphere at high speed. 

Grahame Madge, a spokesman for the Met Office, said: "There's a strong signal that this will be a good night for them to be visible.

"A lot of the UK skies will be obscured by clouds and heavy rain, but East Anglia will have a better outlook.

"It's a strong forecast."

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The best areas to observe the phenomenon are those with a north-facing horizon and lower light pollution at times when the sky is clear of clouds and rain. 

The Met Office suggests that Hunstanton, Wells-next-the-Sea, Sheringham and other areas on the north Norfolk coast are most likely to provide the best view. 

The phenomenon typically appears much brighter in photographs and is difficult to observe with the naked eye.