Yet another Norfolk Police blunder caused chaos on a major road yesterday. 

A stinger that was left on the roof of a police car by a forgetful officer fell into the A11 at Spooner Row. 

Four vehicles suffered punctures after running over the device and had to be repaired or recovered on the roadside.

A section of the A11 northbound was closed at around 12.13pm for nearly three hours and drivers were advised to avoid the area.  

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Doug Underwood, former Lord Mayor of Norwich and a Norfolk firefighter for 40 years, said: "I hope they are being prosecuted for having an insecure load."

Mr Underwood, the city's lord mayor between 1999 and 2000, added: "Also, they need to pay substantial compensation to the drivers."

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Constabulary said: "A stinger was accidentally left on the roof of the police car which fell into the road on the A11 at Spooner Row yesterday. 

"The device was run over by four vehicles which all suffered punctures.

"None of the drivers were injured and the road was closed while they were recovered or repaired on the roadside.

"We apologise for any inconvenience and distress caused to the drivers by this unfortunate incident and will make sure the drivers are compensated."

Eastern Daily Press: A11 at Spooner RowA11 at Spooner Row (Image: Sonya Duncan)The incident comes amid a spate of scandals involving Norfolk Police including a police officer involved in a hit-and-run who claims he suffered from amnesia during and immediately after the crash. 

Robert Foster, parish councillor for Spooner Row Community Council, said: "It is embarrassing for the force and it would have been scary to lose a tyre at speed.

"It is an accident that shouldn't have happened and clearly training is needed to ensure it doesn't happen again."

The A11 reopened on August 23 after 15 months of disruptive roadworks costing £65 million. 

The scheme, which started in May 2022, was due to be completed in July but was delayed due to extreme weather conditions. 

National Highways claims the scheme would improve safety, create a smoother surface for vehicles to travel on and reduce noise for the 45,000 drivers who use it every day.

The A11 at Spooner Row was reopened at 2.48pm yesterday.