The cult classic musical has landed its spaceship in our fine city and we are all the better for it.

As audience members adorned in fishnets, glitter, leather and lace took their seats for the opening night of The Rocky Horror Show at Norwich Theatre Royal, I knew it was going to be a raucous trip.

Eastern Daily Press: Brad and Janet, still innocentBrad and Janet, still innocent (Image: The Rocky Horror Show)

My personal favourite was the greying man, surrounded by family members in totally normal dress, who was, below a crisp white shirt, wearing a black thong, garters, and stockings. No one batted an eye.

Fortunately, the show rewarded this enthusiastic audience for their dedication. The set is beautiful and campy, the lighting and effects spectacular, and the live band masterful.

Eastern Daily Press: Rocky Horror, fresh off the slab, and his creator Frank N FurterRocky Horror, fresh off the slab, and his creator Frank N Furter (Image: The Rocky Horror Show)

Stephen Webb is thrillingly uncaged as Frank N Furter, delivering stunning vocal performances alongside excellent comedic timing.

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He is not lacking any of the charm or swagger needed for this fan-favourite character.

Eastern Daily Press: Frank N Furter performing 'Don't Dream It, Be It'Frank N Furter performing 'Don't Dream It, Be It' (Image: The Rocky Horror Show)

Haley Flaherty and Richard Meek are deliciously naive as Janet Weiss and Brad Majors, playing off of Webb's commanding presence splendidly.

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Apart from their incredible singing, their part in the, ahem, bed scene which opens the second act is a highlight.

Eastern Daily Press: Frank, Brad, and Janet, discussing how best to pump... a tireFrank, Brad, and Janet, discussing how best to pump... a tire (Image: The Rocky Horror Show)

Another standout character was the Narrator, played by Jackie Clune, who was perfectly positioned to handle the many moments of heckling involved in The Rocky Horror Show. 

It's no surprise that Clune is a stand-up comedian as well as a performer.

My favourite quips include the reference to middle-aged Love Island, things going down better up north ("Don't we all?"), and, of course, Yarmouth.

Eastern Daily Press: The cast of The Rocky Horror Show in full glamThe cast of The Rocky Horror Show in full glam (Image: The Rocky Horror Show)

The show was rounded off with a huge Time Warp dance party and a well-deserved standing ovation. 

If you need a strong dose of campy, racy pleasure, look no further. Dressing up is highly encouraged.

The Rocky Horror Show is on at Norwich Theatre Royal from Tuesday 12th September until Saturday September 16.