This bird's eye view shows the changing face of an area of Norwich which was once the bustling home of Jarrold's famous printworks.

Cranes are helping in the construction of the modern flats which are taking shape at Whitefriars, next to the 19th century St James Mill.

That Grade I-listed building was, for years, the head office of Jarrold and Sons' printing division, after the company bought the former textile mill in 1903.

The mill itself was not used for printing. That happened in converted weaving sheds elsewhere on the site. In 1957, about 2,000 workers were employed there.

Printing at the site, off Barrack Street, came to an end in 2006 when New Jarrold Printing, which had been formed following a management buy-out, went into administration.

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In 2007, Norwich City Council granted permission for 200 new homes, a 60-bedroom hotel and offices.

While some offices and the 80-metre Jarrold Bridge over the river were built, a slowdown in the housing market meant it took some time longer before work started to construct the homes.

The first phase of the St James Quay development was completed in 2021 and, as this picture by photographer Mike Page shows, work on further phases continues - as a new chapter is written for this historic section of the city.