A bid to build a 60ft mobile phone mast in a leafy village has been turned down.

CK Hutchison Networks applied to erect the structure on land off Priory Lane at North Wootton, on the outskirts of King's Lynn.

But West Norfolk council has refused planning permission.

North Wootton Parish Council objected, saying it intended to buy the land, at the junction with Woodland Gardens, to create "a pleasant green space".

It said if built, the mast would distract drivers. And it added: "The parish council understands the need for digital connectivity, but feels there are more suitable locations in the village to site an 18m pole."

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A villager who also objected asked: "Why have an eyesore in a very pleasant village?"

Information supplied by the telecoms firm said additional masts were needed to support the roll-out of 5G technology, because the signals travelled a shorter distance than previous generations.

It said if masts were not built, there would be gaps in coverage.