A city tattoo studio has been forced to temporarily close after it was "violently" broken into, ransacked and partially destroyed in an overnight burglary. 

New Leaf Tattoo studio, in Upper King Street, took to social media to share the tragic news, with owner Poppy saying that she felt "violated" by the ordeal. 

A statement read: "It's with a heavy heart that I say that New Leaf Tattoo was violently broken into, partly destroyed and burgled last night (August 24).

Eastern Daily Press: Doors and walls were nearly completely destroyed in the break-inDoors and walls were nearly completely destroyed in the break-in (Image: New Leaf Tattoo)

"The culprit also decided they would take intravenous drugs in the shop toilet and leave this behind for me to clear away.

"This is the worst thing that's happened to me so far in the 10 years of my career.

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"Anyone who knows me knows that I have poured my time, love, soul, energy and more into this studio.

"It's my pride and joy - and it's now never going to be the same."

Eastern Daily Press: The studio was completely upended The studio was completely upended (Image: New Leaf Tattoo)

A series of images shared by Poppy shows the extent of the damage, with doors kicked in, glass shattered and equipment defaced. 

Several police officers are seen examining the scene. 

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Poppy added: "This was my favourite, safest place I had - and now it feels dirty, used and will never be the same.

Eastern Daily Press: Equipment was defaced and property of sentimental value was stolenEquipment was defaced and property of sentimental value was stolen (Image: New Leaf Tattoo)

"I've had a tattoo machine stolen that is of immense importance and sentimental value to me, so please keep your eyes open for tattoo machines and other pieces of tech being sold in our area."

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Opened three years ago, New Leaf is the brainchild of Sophie who began tattooing in 2013 and whose ultimate goal was opening a parlour of her own.

The community has since rallied behind the business owner and her team in the wake of the news, receiving "hundreds" of messages of support. 

Eastern Daily Press: Poppy Segger, with her daughter, Sunday at New Leaf tattoo studioPoppy Segger, with her daughter, Sunday at New Leaf tattoo studio (Image: Brittany Woodman/ Archant)

"Things won't feel the same for a while, maybe not ever," she said.

"But we have made some serious security measures today to keep our little space safe and we hope you will continue to visit us and support New Leaf."

Norfolk Police has been approached for comment.

Anyone with information about the burglary can call 101.