A classic car collection has sold for an eye-watering figure at auction after languishing in an abandoned barn for 50 years. 

The cars, including three 1970 Jaguar E types and a 1957 Ace Bristol, were found by Guy Snelling who works at Anglia Car Auctions in King's Lynn.

He used a chainsaw and forklift to remove obstacles, unearthing a collection of vintage cars that had been balanced on top of one another among other scraps and vehicle parts.

Eastern Daily Press: The cars were found abandoned in a barn by Guy SnellingThe cars were found abandoned in a barn by Guy Snelling (Image: Guy Snelling)

The vehicles were put up for auction with a guide price of £200,000 but have now been sold for £358,908.

Mr Snelling said: "It's great that all the cars will be restored and should end up back on the roads - although some may need some more work to restore them to their former glory than others.

"It was a great atmosphere and a fantastic weekend over the two days we held the auction, it is really terrific that we sold them for more than we estimated.

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"I think people were so interested in this particular auction because of the history of the cars and each one has a story behind them.

"After all the work we did to extract and transport the cars, to see them find new homes gives me a huge deal of satisfaction."

Two of the ACs sold for more than £100,000, with the one that belonged to racing driver Betty Haig in the 1960s selling for £156,600.

Eastern Daily Press:

The other Ace and one of the Jaguars both sold for £30,000, with the other two Jaguars being sold for £11,232 and £6,696. 

Although the motors need freshening up, Mr Snelling believes the cars could be collectively worth almost one million pounds once restored.