The family of a cherished boy who died on holiday abroad have shared a heartfelt tribute describing his love of all things football.

Ronni Johnson died last month while on a family trip to the Greek island of Rhodes.

The 10-year-old, from King's Lynn, had a condition called mitochondrial disease.

It was the same illness that had claimed the life of his younger brother, Freddi, who died when he was just five days old. Freddi's death led his family to discover that Ronni had the condition too.

Eastern Daily Press:

In a statement released through his aunt, Karen Baker, mum Danielle Johnson said: "Ronni gave us so many beautiful memories.

"Ronni was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease after we lost our second son to the same disease in 2014.

"After the diagnosis, Ronni was determined to do everything that all the other children his age could do, despite the changes we had to make to his life."

The condition prevents cells in the body from producing enough energy, meaning Ronni needed to eat a strict, protein-based diet - but refused to let this limit him.

Eastern Daily Press:

The family - also including Ronni's dad Keron and sister Emily - were on holiday on the Greek island last month when the youngster fell short of breath.

The opening of an inquest into his death, held last month, heard that his condition worsened and he was taken to Rhodes General Hospital and given CPR for an hour. But paramedics could not save him.

In their tribute, Ronni's family described his love of football and how he was eagerly looking forward to starting high school in December.

"I think Ronni was thinking about football in the womb," his mother added: "He always loved playing and watching football and was a huge Manchester United fan.

"From a young age he was kicking a football around and on Saturday you would hear him cheering on his team with his dad in the living room.

"He was so creative and used to make things out of boxes all the time. When visiting family, they would save up cereal boxes so he could build towers and bind them together with sellotape.

Eastern Daily Press:

"He then started to build towers and buildings using magnetic tiles - I think we had a footballing architect on our hands.

"Ronni loved spending time with his family and friends, he was always outside with his mates, joining in with their games.

"If he was at home, he'd often be on his Xbox and always looked forwards to the new Fifa game coming out.

"He would always be seen in a full football kit and the new Manchester United kits were always on his birthday list."

Eastern Daily Press:

Mrs Johnson added: "Our daughter Emily idolises Ronni - you would often hear them laughing together.

"Ronni had the most infectious laugh - even if you were in a bad mood his laugh had a way to break you out of it and giggle along with him - it was a true gift.

"One year I remember Ronni gave me a mothers' day card thanking me for giving him a sister - he loved her so much and she feels the exact same.

"Ronni was an amazing, loving, kind and compassionate boy and he has left a massive hole in the hearts of all that knew him and loved him."

Throughout his life, Mrs Johnson shared details of Ronni's as part of her work to help raise awareness of the condition.

She set up a web page called Ronni and Freddi's Mito Mission, in partnership with charity My Mito Mission.

A Just Giving page of the same name has raised more than £6,000.