Hannah Spearritt, the S Club 7 star from Norfolk, has been "snubbed" from the band’s reunion tour. 

The 42-year-old singer from Gorleston has told sources that the band have apparently been “ordered not to speak to her directly”, according to The Sun.  

Spearritt claims she realised she wasn't being included when the band went behind her back and filmed a social media post without her. 

Eastern Daily Press: Hannah Spearitt and Paul Cattermole pictured in 2005Hannah Spearitt and Paul Cattermole pictured in 2005 (Image: PA)

It comes after the death of her former bandmate and boyfriend Paul Cattermole in April.  

Jon Lee said in a video on the band’s Instagram in May: “You’ve probably noticed that there’s only five of us here today, and although Hannah will always be part of S Club 7, she won’t be joining us on this tour.” 

People close to the group have claimed that she was then removed from the tour after a series of arguments with the band's bosses. 

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An insider told The Sun that Spearritt was "devastated" after being pushed out of the group and doesn't understand the reasons behind the snub. 

Spearritt dated Cattermole from 2001 to 2006, briefly rekindling the romance in 2015. 

She opened up about their relationship after his death and said “I still can't believe I will never see him again”.  

Eastern Daily Press: S Club 7 announced its reunion in February this year S Club 7 announced its reunion in February this year (Image: PA)

The Primeval star revealed earlier this year that she was homeless over Christmas and living in temporary housing. 

The 42-year-old shared that her partner Adam Thomas and their two children had just a few days to leave their home after the landlord decided to sell the property. 

The band has now rebranded as a five-piece group.