A west Norfolk councillor dramatically stood down from the cabinet just weeks after taking up the post. 

The Independent group’s Alexandra Kemp has resigned from her role covering people and communities at West Norfolk Council (WNC), saying she “cannot support its general direction of travel and level of intransigence”.   

But the leader of the council, Terry Parish, has offered Ms Kemp 24 hours to reconsider before he refills the role. 

Ms Kemp said: “I became a councillor to put people first, but now I see the Borough Council prepared to risk 1,100 homes built in West Winch even if the government fails to provide the funding for the bypass.  

“I see no commitment to the renewal of strategic public transport infrastructure like the West Lynn Ferry or a willingness to save Lynn's historic Carnegie Library

Eastern Daily Press: The Carnegie building in King's LynnThe Carnegie building in King's Lynn (Image: George Thompson, LDR)

“I have seen values of common human decency trampled, but those who speak up for equal treatment for all are treated with disrespect. 

“I can no longer remain in the cabinet.” 

Mr Parish said the council had no power to stop things like the library service moving from the Carnegie building, which was decided by the county council, and has already progressed too far to be halted. 

Eastern Daily Press: Terry Parish, leader of West Norfolk CouncilTerry Parish, leader of West Norfolk Council (Image: (C) ARCHANT NORFOLK 2016)

He also said the homes in West Winch have already been allocated for construction and there was a “catch-22” where funding for the road also relied on the homes being built. 

“It’s regrettable because she knows the portfolio so well,” he said. 

“You can’t say Alex doesn’t have passion or works hard because she’s probably one of the hardest workers in the place. 

“At the end of the day she wants a particular direction we cannot assure her can be taken.”  

Ms Kemp was only given the position in May when the Independent group - backed up by the Liberal Democrats and Green group - took over the council, following massive losses by the incumbent Conservative group.