A Norwich man has been jailed after admitting flooding the city's streets with crack and heroin.

Jason Rex, 34, of Arnold Miller Close, appeared at Norwich Crown Court yesterday (July 25) after pleading guilty to two counts of supplying Class A drugs between June and November 2021.

He had also previously admitted to a string of offences including possession of heroin, theft of a bike, going equipped to steal, burglary, handling stolen goods and shoplifting.

Rex was sentenced to 16 months inside with further offences taken into consideration.

The drug sentencing follows an investigation and prosecution into the operators of the A4 County Line which resulted in three men being sentenced in October 2022.

A fourth defendant has since turned 18 and can now be named as Nico Mclean, of St Dominic Close in Wisbech. He was given a youth referral order for 12 months.

Rex was arrested on August 4, 2021, at an address in Onley Street, Norwich, after officers found Class C drugs, cash and mobile phones.

Analysis showed a mobile phone attributed to Rex moving between London and Norfolk alongside other handsets involved in the operation on multiple occasions between June and August 2021.

In terms of the thefts, Rex was arrested outside Castle Quarter in Norwich on November 6, 2022. He was found carrying various items including bolt croppers, allen keys and screwdrivers.

A search of his home address found various items of property linked to crimes including a set of car keys stolen from a house in Norwich.