Two meteor showers are peaking this weekend.

Alpha Capricornids and Delta Aquariids will light up the skies with up to 25 meteors an hour.

The Alpha Capricornids shower is active until August 15 with meteors being slow, bright, yellow fireballs.

And Delta Aquariids is active until August 23.

The showers will both peak on Sunday (July 30) with a combined hourly rate of 25 meteors.

Meteor showers occur when particles of comet debris enter our atmosphere and burn up, appearing as shooting stars.

If you lay down or sit to watch the shower, ensure your feet are facing southeast for the best view.

The meteors' radiants, the point in the sky from which they appear, are the constellations of Capricornus and Aquarius.

Perseids, one of the largest showers of the year, is set to peak in early August.

Make sure to turn off phones and torches 15 minutes before to allow your eyes to adjust.

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