With wind and rain making this July one of the coolest and wettest in recent memory, many are wondering when the sunshine might return.

While much of Europe swelters in 40C heatwaves, people are looking back at this time last year when the mercury topped the high 30s.

But forecasters at the Met Office are not confident we will see that heatwave for a while yet. 

A spokesman said of the week ahead: "Norfolk will see a mix of sunny and showery spells, with the chance of heavier rain and thunder going into Friday.

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"Wednesday will feel largely fine and pleasantly warm while staying cloudy for much of the day, with a strengthening wind building as the week goes on."

Last Saturday saw a slew of events and shows cancelled as the county braced for "unseasonably high winds" that exceeded 50mph in some places. 

"Into Thursday, the weather will be very changeable, seeing heavier showers and wind," the spokesman said.

"Friday will be sunnier and calmer, however, with Saturday looking quite nice."