A miniature dachshund has been rescued after spending three days stuck on a cliff - surviving through thunderstorms and exposure to the elements. 

Cola went missing on Tuesday while on a walk with owner Ella Derkacz along the coast close to Trimingham village hall. 

After turning to take a photo of the sea, Mrs Derkacz turned around to see that Cola had vanished.  

Eastern Daily Press: Drone footage of Cola stuck on the cliff captured by Phil James from Drones To HomeDrone footage of Cola stuck on the cliff captured by Phil James from Drones To Home (Image: Phil James/Drones To Home)

A search was launched in the woods nearby and it was feared the dachshund had fallen down the sharp cliff face and landed on an area of rocks. 

Joanne Ledger, 55, who lives close to the area the dog went missing, ran out of the house after hearing Mrs Derkacz calling out for Cola.

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She joined the search and organised a community response, urging people from neighbouring villages to keep an eye out for the vulnerable pet.

Eastern Daily Press: Mrs Derkacz and husband Richard with Cola after the rescueMrs Derkacz and husband Richard with Cola after the rescue (Image: Joanne Ledger)

After days of tireless searching, Mrs Ledger contacted the Drones To Home charity which has been featured on national television and involved in countless dog rescues across the country.  

They used a thermal drone to locate Cola, capturing images of her stranded on the jagged cliffs.   

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After miraculously finding the nine-year-old dachshund on Thursday evening, charity owner Phil James clambered up rocks to bring her down to safety.  Eastern Daily Press: Cola recovering at home after the miraculous rescueCola recovering at home after the miraculous rescue (Image: Joanne Ledger)

"It was just amazing, everyone was in tears when we found her,” Mrs Ledger said. “That little dog just sat there for three days on the edge of a tiny piece of clay sticking out from the cliff.  

"Cola is a really timid dog, one that would never usually leave her owner's side. 

“It's unbelievable that she survived through thunder and lightning for three days and it's only with Phil's expertise and patience that we managed to find her."  

After being rescued, Cola was checked over at the vets and, despite a few cuts to her paws, is making a steady recovery at home in Mundesley.