A court defendant accused of climbing onto the roof of a police station has mocked Norfolk Constabulary over the 'amnesiagate' scandal by saying he might claim to have no memory of the incident.

Ethan Stapley, 23, told a court he might say he cannot recall what happened, when asked what his defence is of why he allegedly clambered up police buildings at Bethel Street.

Eastern Daily Press: Ethan Stapley mocked prosecutors that he claim amnesiaEthan Stapley mocked prosecutors that he claim amnesia (Image: Newsquest)

His comments come as Norfolk police are mired in a scandal over a hit-and-run crash involving two officers, one of who had criminal charges dropped after he was said to have been suffering a type of amnesia. 

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Appearing at Norwich Magistrates Court, Stapley, of no fixed abode but who lives in Great Yarmouth, denied aggravated trespass after allegedly climbing onto a building roof on May 6 this year.

In one of a series of argumentative rants from the dock, he told the court: “Maybe I’ll just say I have amnesia and cannot remember.”

The court was told his actions had obstructed or disputed the activities of police officers based at the station. 

Eastern Daily Press: Ethan Stapley climbing on the roof at Bethel Street police station 'obstructed and disrupted officers', the court heardEthan Stapley climbing on the roof at Bethel Street police station 'obstructed and disrupted officers', the court heard (Image: Newsquest)

But Stapley, representing himself, said: “My defence is that I didn’t have any intention of disrupting or obstructing anyone.”

He gave no explanation why he had climbed on to the roof.

He also pleaded not guilty to a charge of disorderly behaviour of the incident, aggravated by homophobic comments he is alleged to have made to police officers.

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Magistrates set a date for him to stand trial on May 29 next year.

Prosecutors said seven police officers were expected to give evidence, together with CCTV and body-worn video footage of the alleged incident.

Stapley was given unconditional bail pending the trial having previously been subject to the condition of not going within 50m of Bethel Street.