Michael Portillo has dug into the history of East Anglia in new episodes of his BBC railway show.

Norfolk took centre stage in Great British Railway Journeys, a show in which Portillo travels the UK by rail to uncover hidden gems.

Portillo explored East Anglia - travelling from London to Felixstowe, Ipswich, Norwich, King's Lynn and Cambridge.

Eastern Daily Press: Michael Portillo at No.Twenty9 Bar and Restaurant in Burnham Market Michael Portillo at No.Twenty9 Bar and Restaurant in Burnham Market (Image: Newsquest)

In Norwich, the 70-year-old admired the Norman cathedral before heading to the city’s mail centre where he traced the history of the postcode.

A pilot scheme was introduced in Norwich in 1959 which was a massive success and led to the rollout of postcodes nationally.

At the University of East Anglia, he investigated a master's degree which launched many creative writers to stardom.

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In the market town of Brandon, Portillo visited Quorn Foods to find how a seemingly modern meat substitute emerged out of a post-war food crisis.

Visiting RAF Lakenheath, he watched the US Air Force's F-15 Strike Eagles climb 10,000 feet per minute in an almost vertical trajectory. 

And at Wild Ken Hill Portillo met Dominic Buscall, a farmer committed to regenerating his land by encouraging biodiversity and not using fertiliser.

The two East Anglian episodes of Great British Railway Journeys are available on BBC iPlayer.