For an attraction with an exclamation mark in its name, a bit of noise is perhaps not unexpected.

But for families living near the dinosaur adventure park Roarr! it appears there is such a thing as too much.

Locals living near the Lenwade site have lodged an official complaint with the council about the level of noise it generates.Eastern Daily Press: A family at Roarr!

They say they have endured years of nuisance and disturbance from the park, claiming the public address system which announces displays prevents them from "enjoying their gardens".

And they fear the issue will get worse, with two new mechanical rides - both of which will back directly on to Morton Lane, where most of the locals live - due to open later this summer.

One resident, who did not want to be named but said he was acting as a spokesperson for around ten other families living in the area, claims the development will only serve to generate “further noise nuisance”. 

“These rides will not be in keeping with the existing park and will completely change the style of the park,” he said. 

“If the two rides are allowed, does this also allow Roarr! to develop their existing site in any way they wish?” 

He went on to say that neighbours had experienced “years of noise nuisance and disturbances” from the park. 

He added: “The existing loud tannoy - shouting and singing - that is used when [shows] are performed is intrusive and disrupts local residents from enjoying the use of their gardens." Eastern Daily Press: Morton Lane backs on to the rear of Roarr!

Park director Adam Goymour said the attraction was attempting to diversify, so had decided to introduce its first-ever mechanical rides. 

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“The new rides due to open later this summer legally fall within the scope of Permitted Development for the park," he said.

“This means that they do not require separate planning permission, and this was confirmed to us in pre-application discussions with Broadland District Council.  

“While there is no obligation for public consultation with Permitted Developments, we are of course sensitive to our neighbours and any potential impact on them.  

“The particular location for the new rides was chosen in order to take advantage of screening from the park’s natural landscape, and we have ensured that operational noise levels will be within acceptable norms.”  

Eastern Daily Press: Roarr!

Mr Goymour added that full details of the rides have been provided to Weston Longville Parish Council. 

“Some concerns were raised by neighbours relating to our planning application for the more significant development of Gigantosaurus Land,” he added. 

“In response to these, we have, for example, reduced the height of certain elements and incorporated more bunds [embankments] to reduce noise and provide screening."

Roarr! operates on an 85-acre permanent base off the A1067 near the Royal Norwich Golf Club and attracts an average of 275,000 visitors each year.   

A spokesperson from Broadland District Council said: “The council is investigating the matter following receipt of a complaint.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Roarr!


Bosses at the Lenwade site revealed details of its multi-million-pound project at its family-run business last month. 

Costing half a million pounds, two mechanical rides - swing-o-saurus and raptor contraptor - will be ready to ride later this year. 

There will also be a new live stage show and exclusive screenings of television’s Gigantosaurus series, which will be shown in the existing theatre on site. 

This is in addition to a £4m Giganotosaurus Land project, based on the TV programme, due to open in 2026.  

So far, the park has invested over half a million pounds in its new attractions. 

This is on top of the £400,000 that has been spent on rejuvenating the Valley of the Dinosaurs area.