Almost all of the academic job cuts at the University of East Anglia are set to be made in just one faculty.

New figures have revealed that 31 out of 36 redundancies at the troubled university are planned for the arts and humanities department.

The faculty includes a number of the university's best-known courses, including its world-renowned creative writing one - rated as one of the best of its kind in the country.

It also includes all of its courses in history, media studies, gender studies, politics and languages. The university says all the courses will be maintained.

The academic cuts are part of proposals geared at saving the university £30m by September and £45m over the course of the next three years.

They will see 113 staff members axed in total, with 77 non-academic staff also planned to lose their jobs.

Mark Walmsley, chairman of the UEA branch of the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU), warned the cuts would have "severe consequences" for the university.

He said: "There is a very real chance cuts will lead to increased workloads for the academics who do remain and stress will become a serious factor.

"It is incredibly sad that a university with such a strong reputation and history finds itself in a position like this and there needs to be accountability for that."

A UEA spokeswoman said: "Teams across our faculties have been briefed on the specific cost-saving proposals for their areas, including any proposed staff reductions.

"The aim is to achieve proposed staff reductions through a targeted voluntary redundancy scheme and redeployment opportunities.

"The university has made it very clear that compulsory redundancies remain our last resort.

"All subject areas in our faculty of arts and humanities will be maintained. 

"The faculty will continue to be supported to produce internationally excellent, creative, and innovative research both within and across disciplines."