Cats and dogs aren't the only animals that can be adopted from rescue shelters - one centre in Norfolk has African snails and mice that need new homes.

The RSPCA mid-Norfolk and Suffolk branch has a whole host of animals that have been overlooked and left in the shelter - could you give one of them a forever home?


Eastern Daily Press:

Pirate was brought to the rescue after his owners couldn't afford his medical bills.

His front leg was swollen and had to be amputated, but a spokeswoman for the branch said "he has recovered well and adapted to his new life as a three-legged chap".

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Pirate is looking for a retirement home to live out his final years with access to an enclosed garden.

Unfortunately, due to health issues, he has to be monitored and cared for constantly and needs a loving owner to improve his quality of life.


Eastern Daily Press:

These pet mice are named after The Simpsons characters, with Montgomery, Seymour, Itchy, Scratchy, Barney, Sideshow Bob, Homer and Moe needing a new family.

The rescue originally had 30 of the family to rehome, but only has 15 left who are desperate to find a forever home.


Eastern Daily Press: These 10 baby African land snails need a new homeThese 10 baby African land snails need a new home (Image: RSPCA)

RSPCA mid-Norfolk and Suffolk branch was given the 10 African land snails after their owner became overwhelmed with the number of eggs he had.

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The snails are named after a "shell" theme, with Sheldon, Michelle, Gary, Shelby and Speedy left waiting for an owner at the shelter.


Eastern Daily Press: OrlaOrla (Image: RSPCA)

Orla came into the branch when she was just a kitten and had to be bottle-fed until she was big enough to eat on her own.

She is described as "fun, playful and loving" and is desperate to find a forever home after being left in the shelter for the majority of her life.


Eastern Daily Press:

Another forgotten cat at the centre is Tigger, whose owner gave him up after not being able to care for him properly.

Tigger was admitted in extremely poor health and had to have some of his teeth removed due to a jaw infection.

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After lots of dental care, Tigger has now been given the all-clear for rehoming.

A spokeswoman said: "He wants nothing more than to find his person to spend time with in his new forever home."

Fig and Polly

Eastern Daily Press: PollyPolly (Image: RSPCA)

Polly came into the branch as an injured stray and had to have emergency surgery for a stomach condition.

She is described as "sassy" and wants a home where she gets a lot of attention and care.

Eastern Daily Press: FigFig (Image: RSPCA)

Fig "adores head rubs" and is suited to a family home.

Unfortunately, Fig has struggled with several health issues over his life and needs an owner who has the patience to care for him. 

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