Former road police officers from Norfolk Constabulary have described their 'disbelief' at the 'appalling' scandal which saw a patrol car drive off without stopping after causing a 50mph crash.

PC Karl Warren rammed his BMW vehicle - which was not on an emergency response - into the back of Audi car on the A146 at Barnby, near Lowestoft, before driving off.

Eastern Daily Press: Police dashcam footage of the Audi vehicle pulling over after the crash on the A146 at Barnby, near

He faced criminal charges but they were dropped after he said he was suffering from amnesia at the time of the crash on March 5 last year.

Eastern Daily Press: Police dashcam footage of police driving off after the crash on the A146 at Barnby, near Lowestoft

Although PC Warren has had his driving and firearms permits revoked, he remains on the force.

Eastern Daily Press: The crash happened on the A146 Barnby Bends between Lowestoft and Beccles

A former Norfolk roads policing and firearms officer, who did not want to be named, said he had read about the incident in "disbelief".

He said PC Warren should have his full driving licence taken away.

The ex-officer said: "If you've got that sort of medical condition you shouldn't be driving in the first place.

"If he's got that problem he should have his whole driving licence revoked.

"I was just horrified because this should not happen. It's appalling."

The former officer was also critical of PC Ryan Hargrave, who was a passenger in the police vehicle at the time, but who did not report the crash until the following day, meaning his colleague could not be breathalysed.

Although PC Hargrave is facing a misconduct hearing for not reporting the crash immediately, he will not lose his job.

The ex-officer said: "The first thing of a police officer is the protection of life and property - they didn't do that by failing to stop 

"From an ex-police officer's point of view that would not have happened.

"You've got to make sure the person you've hit is not injured because you have a duty of care and you would report it.

"Failing to stop at the scene, I just think it's terrible  

"To me, it's complete neglect of duty.

"I'm amazed, I'm totally amazed.

"It brings the whole force into disrepute."

Eastern Daily Press: BMW X5 police vehicle

Those views have been echoed by another former Norfolk traffic officer, who also wanted to remain anonymous, but insisted: "It's hard to believe such a thing can happen."

"However, going forward officers have lost their jobs for far less in the past and you would hope the DVLA would investigate as to whether [Warren] should have his licence revoked on medical grounds."

"As for the other officer, he should have acted immediately by insisting his partner stopped or calling it into control.

"There is loyalty to his colleagues and stupidity."

The ex-officer said it had been "bad judgement" on behalf of PC Hargrave who has now "put a black mark on his record".

The extraordinary case has prompted Norfolk's chief constable Paul Sandford to issue a statement, admitting the incident “reflects poorly on the constabulary” but insisted it had “taken what action we can in response to it”.

Eastern Daily Press: Norfolk's chief constable Paul Sanford

Mr Sanford has said he was determined to root out misconduct in his force in the light of the scandal.

Norfolk's police and crime commissioner, Giles Orpen-Smellie, said he saluted Mr Sanford's honesty and insisted the public can be reassured by his statements.

Eastern Daily Press:

He said: “Policing has a problem and Norfolk Constabulary has not been entirely clean of issues. And as a result of this, there has to be a change of culture in-house.

“The statistics of police disciplinaries will increase, but I see that as a good thing as it demonstrates misconduct is being rooted out.”

PC Warren has been placed on “restricted non-operational duties” not involving criminal investigations and has had his driving and firearms permits revoked.

PC Hargrave remains on operational duties with the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team (RAPT) but is still subject to misconduct proceedings that could see him given a final warning but not sacked.

This newspaper has offered both officers the chance to give their side of the story but they have refused.