The mother of a Norfolk TV star who killed herself has appeared on a BBC programme to criticise ITV over its handling of disgraced presenter Phillip Schofield.

Caroline Flack's mother, Christine, who lives in Norfolk, made the appearance on BBC Newsnight last night to issue a stark warning over the treatment of presenters following Caroline's death by suicide in 2020.

Speaking to the BBC, Christine said ITV "hasn't learned anything" since the death of her daughter following her stepping down from hosting Love Island after being charged with assault by beating.

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Christine continued by saying Schofield "knew Caroline" and when she died, "he was very upset".

"I think he's now realising even more what she went through," she said.

"But until it happens to you, you feel sad but you don't understand."

Christine has previously been outspoken about the harsher treatment surrounding Caroline's death and launched a formal complaint against the Metropolitan Police for its handling of the case which it later apologised for.