Two trans activists from Norfolk have complained to Channel 4 about a documentary they took part in, saying they did not realise a leading feminist would play such a prominent role in it.

Charlie Caine and Andrew Copeman, both campaigners from Norwich, appeared in Gender Wars, which was broadcast on Tuesday evening.

The show was an exploration of the increasingly polarising 'trans debate': the clash between 'gender ideology' - which argues that individuals can determine their own gender - and 'gender critical' thinking, the idea that biological sex cannot be changed.

It focused heavily on Professor Kathleen Stock, a feminist philosopher and gender critical thinker, who left her job at the University of Sussex in 2021, amid protests against her from students.

Now, Mr Caine and Mr Copeman, along with other trans contributors to the show, have signed an open letter saying they were misled by Channel 4 about the extent of Prof Stock's involvement.

Eastern Daily Press: Charlie Caine and Andrew Copeman (first and second from the left) pictured on the steps at City Hall in NorwichCharlie Caine and Andrew Copeman (first and second from the left) pictured on the steps at City Hall in Norwich (Image: Michelle Savage)

"It was only on seeing the first preview, in late April, that we become aware of the true nature of the film," they say.

"None of us were informed that we would feature in a film about the gender critical feminist Kathleen Stock."

They claim they were told by producers that the show would be one which “fully includes people's views, experiences and thoughts on both sides” but that their "voices have been cut in such a way to diminish our many experiences of prejudice and discrimination".

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Eastern Daily Press: Prof Kathleen Stock in Gender WarsProf Kathleen Stock in Gender Wars (Image: Channel 4)

Mr Caine tells the programme: "We're the trans debate, the trans issue and I think how have we got to that point?

"It's dehumanising. We're a debate, we're an issue, we're a question.

"We're not human beings with lives and loves and feelings, we're a problem to be solved."

During the show, Prof Stock admits: "I am clearly thought of as transphobic.

"There's nothing I can do for these people to repair that now, there's nothing I can do to change it."

She adds the level of toxicity and misunderstanding surrounding the gender debate is "huge".

Channel 4 said: “The programme hears from a range of voices from various sides of the debate on this topic.

"It aims to create a respectful and inclusive look at what gender means in 2023, and is an opportunity for all sides to listen and find common ground."