Three men have been charged with hunting offences after a group of dogs entered a back garden and killed a fox.

CCTV footage of the incident showed the pack follow the wild animal into a property in Hingham before setting on it, leaving blood strewn across the patio, near the owners' swimming pool.

It happened on February 20 and was reported to police.

Officers arrested three men in connection with the incident. They were taken to Wymondham police station for questioning and released on police bail.

Edward Bell, 29 and Adam Egginton, 22, both of Moor Lane, Necton, and Andrew Kendall, 66, of Hulver Road in Henstead, near Beccles, have been charged today (May 22).

The charges were for three counts of criminal damage to a property in Hingham on February 20, two counts of owning or being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control in Hingham on February 20 and Tittleshall on February 8, and two counts of hunting a wild mammal with dogs in Hingham on February 20 and Tittleshall on February 8.

Egginton and Kendall have also been charged with intentionally encouraging and assisting the commission of a summary offence.

The Tittleshall charges relate to an incident on February 8 when a member of the public reported seeing several horse riders next to a field with a large pack of dogs and following a fox into a hedgerow.

The three men have been released on police bail to appear at Norwich Magistrates’ Court on June 23, 2023.