Norfolk's biggest zoo has unveiled the return of its exotic birds show amid controversy surrounding recently announced plans to focus more on native species.

Banham Zoo has announced the return of its Birds of the World display, which closed last year following an outbreak of bird flu which also saw the penguin enclosure shut.

The display will feature macaws, falcons, galahs, and owls on the centre stage, with the zoo's animal training team hosting question-and-answer-style shows where visitors will be able to interact and learn more about the birds in the display.

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Guests will also be able to take part in daily feeding talks, where staff will share insights into the animal's diets, as well as animal enrichment displays for the May half-term only.

But the show's return comes amid news of a multi-million pound, 10-year project to create a new centrepiece at the zoo, showcasing wildlife from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

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The attraction said the changes are partly in response to challenges created by Brexit - which has made it harder to bring in animals from abroad - and avian influenza, which has forced it to rethink what bird displays it can offer but will not mean a reduction in the number of exotic animals.

However, the move has been criticised by some supporters who have aired fears the zoo may lose some of its appeal.

The proposed changes were defended by Claudia Roberts, chief executive of the Zoological Society of East Anglia, who said the idea behind the vision was to expand on "the existing DNA of Banham" while transforming it into a "flagship for sustainable tourism".