A rainbow coalition of the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Green groups will lead Broadland District Council after the Conservatives lost control of the authority.

The Conservatives lost seven seats, including their leader Shaun Vincent, in the local elections on May 4.

Following talks between the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Greens - who all made gains at the ballot box - the parties have agreed to form a strategic partnership.

Liberal Democrat group leader Susan Holland has been nominated as the leader of the council, with Labour's Natasha Harpley as deputy leader.

Although the Tories, who lost seven seats in the election, remain the biggest group on the council with 21 seats, the partnership holds 26 of the total 47.

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Ms Holland said: "The people of Broadland have voted for change. Not only have the Conservatives lost the majority of councillors required to form an administration but they have also lost the popular vote by receiving less than 40pc of the votes cast.

"Broadland needs new leadership and new direction. The partners have agreed a set of priorities that will put the people and communities of Broadland first."

Ms Harpley said: "This is a unique opportunity to improve and develop exciting new policies for our residents and to ensure we run the council efficiently - bringing about changes that will result in improved outcomes for our residents and communities."

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Green group leader Jan Davis said: "Residents clearly voted for a change and have given us the mandate for change.

"We have had very productive and encouraging discussions in reaching agreement with our partners bringing together fresh ideas to tackle the challenges of climate change and support for the environment."

The council, which will decide on its leader at its annual meeting on May 25, is made up of 21 Conservatives, 14 Liberal Democrats, eight Labour members and four Green.