Film crews have been spotted on the beaches of Norfolk yet again.

Walkers at East Runton were stopped in their tracks on Saturday by the sight of actors in period costume and a crew around them.

Norfolk's beaches are a popular place for filming, with Hunstanton being used for Oscar-nominated Spencer and Holkham for Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love.

The film being shot on East Runton beach is The Reckoning, created by director Nathan Hamilton and award-winning Safe Hands Productions.

Eastern Daily Press: Walkers at East Runton spotted the film crewsWalkers at East Runton spotted the film crews (Image: Kate Roberts)

The Reckoning is based on an epic poem written by the director's father which follows a one-time revolutionary nearing the end of his life who is forced to face up to his regrets.

Mr Hamilton said: "The point of the story was that out of great pain, great solace can be found in pursuing some kind of artistic endeavour.

"Out of great pain can come great beauty.

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He added: "We've had a blast, but Norfolk was a bit special. 

"Not only have I fallen in love with it and with all the kind and wonderful people who came to talk with us, but I feel so much gratitude towards the place."