A rare spider which has only been seen a handful of times in the county has been spotted in sand dunes on the north Norfolk coast.

Eleanor Morrison, a 23-year-old National Trust worker, discovered the sand running spider while working on a conservation project at Brancaster beach earlier this month.

Eastern Daily Press: Picture showing the length of the running spider's legs.Picture showing the length of the running spider's legs. (Image: Eleanor Morrison)

There have only been 117 sightings in the UK since records began in 1899- six of these were in Norfolk. 

Miss Morrison said: "I was working in the sand dunes helping to put up some fences to protect the ground nesting birds.

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"I was really excited when I found it, I had a strong feeling that it was unique and that I'd never seen it before."

The "nationally rare" spider is among the UK Biodiversity Action Plan's list of priority species after undergoing a significant long-term decline of more than 60pc.

Instead of using a web to catch prey, the sand running spider is a hunting species which are only found on sand dunes.