The plight of a Norwich army veteran who was forced to pull out 18 of his own teeth was raised in Parliament, with calls for more to be done to fix Norfolk dentistry woes.

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis raised the case of David Spoors, who took the horrific decision to remove his own teeth after being unable to get a dentist in 2021

Speaking at Prime Minister’s questions, Mr Lewis said: “The grim fact is - Norwich and Norfolk remain dental deserts.  

“Dentists excel at extracting rotten teeth. So will the Prime Minister agree with me, the only way my constituents will see results, is when his rotten govt is extracted from office and replaced with a Labour one?” 

Prime minister Rishi Sunak said he was “very sorry” to hear about Mr Lewis’ constituent.

He added: “With regard to dentistry he will know there are record sums going into dentistry and indeed 500 more NHS dentists working today. 

“Because of the contract reforms that we have put in place 10pc more activity can happen and the department for health and social care is talking about reforming the dentistry contract to increase activity further.”