TV viewers have seen inside a sugar refinery in Norfolk after it appeared on a BBC show that explores how food is made.

Inside the Factory, hosted by Gregg Wallace, has shown viewers behind the scenes of everything from crumpets to rice pudding.

The show sees Wallace and presenter Cherry Healey tour factories to learn how a product is made, with historical context from Ruth Goodman.

As part of an episode on Polos, which aired on BBC Two on May 9, Healey visited Wissington Sugar Factory near Downham Market.

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The 160-acre refinery is the largest in Europe, producing nearly 25pc of the sugar we use in the UK.

Healey met refinery manager Chris Flynn to see the sugar beet washed, chopped and loaded into diffusers.

From there hot water is used to extract the sugar to make a syrup which is steamed to remove excess water. 

This process creates white sugar crystals and syrup which is used to create molasses and separated to get white sugar as we know it.

The Wissington factory in Norfolk processes 3m tonnes of British beet a year, making 400,000 tonnes of sugar.