Claims on social media saying six dogs had died from poisoning at a popular walking spot have been dismissed as "nonsense" by a town council. 

Facebook posts have alleged that six dogs had died after being walked by their owners on Beccles Common.

The Fenland Trust is the landowner of the common and its main trustee is Beccles Town Council, which said the claims are "nonsense".

A Beccles Town Council statement said: "All we know is that a dog sadly died over the weekend, we are sorry to hear this and sympathise entirely.

Eastern Daily Press: A dog walker strolling past the famous steel gates at the Beccles Common on a snowy morning A dog walker strolling past the famous steel gates at the Beccles Common on a snowy morning (Image: Newsquest)

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"The dog had been on the common, but that does not mean the dog had died from the common.

"We have spoken to both veterinary practices in the town, as well as other neighbouring vets, who have not had any reported cases of dogs being poisoned.

"The post being shared on Facebook saying that six dogs have died is nonsense as far as we are concerned."

Beccles Town Council urges anyone with information on the allegations to get in contact.

Its statement added: "The common is totally safe, nothing has been reported to the police, and the town council would be pleased to hear from anyone with information.

"If your dog has been or is ill after being on our town common, please can you get in touch with us at the town council."

The owner of the dog who died is said to be distraught and declined to comment.

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Eastern Daily Press: A happy dog walker at Beccles Common A happy dog walker at Beccles Common (Image: Newsquest)

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The allegations come after reports of an outbreak of 80 cases of Lungworm within a 50-mile radius of Ipswich, as well as cases in Norfolk.

Lungworm is a type of parasitic worm which affects dogs and foxes and lives in the heart and major blood vessels that supply the lungs.

If left untreated, it can be fatal to dogs.

It is not believed that the common is a hotspot for lungworm.