From meteor showers to the International Space Station, there is so much to see in our skies next month.

Here is everything you can see in the night sky in May 2023.

The moon

Phases for May are as follows:

  • First quarter - April 27
  • Flower Moon - May 5
  • This moon gets its name from the abundance of flowers that bloom in May. Other names are the Leaf Budding Moon, the Frog Moon and the Planting Moon.
  • Last quarter - May 12
  • New moon - May 19
  • First quarter - May 27

The planets and stars

Spica, the brightest star in the Virgo constellation, will be next to the moon on May 3.

Mercury will be reaching one of its longest elongations (distance from the sun) on May 29.

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Venus will be high and bright in the western sky throughout the month.

Mars will be in the Gemini constellation and Saturn will be low in the southeast before sunrise.


Eta Aquariids meteor shower

Active between April 19 and May 28, this shower will peak on May 6.

This shower is associated with Halley's Comet and there will be up to 50 meteors per hour.

The shower is characterised by being low in the sky in the predawn hours.

The International Space Station

The ISS will be visible from May 1 to May 11.

It will appear between 12.20am and 4.20am for up to seven minutes moving to the east.