A homelessness charity has called for plans to build more than 1,000 homes in Anglia Square to be rejected today, as just 10pc will be classed as affordable.

Shelter sent an open letter to Norwich City Council urging it to take "decisive action" to follow its policy to make a third of all new housing developments affordable to local people.

In it, the charity said any plan for the area should have social housing at its centre, ahead of today's decision on the plans at City Hall.

It comes as three-quarters of voters called for the 1970s structure to be demolished in our online poll, with members of the public even asking for a homeless shelter to be included in the plans.

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The Shelter letter read: "We need decisive action to address skyrocketing housing costs. 

"Local councils must do everything they can in their power to tackle the housing emergency raging on their patch.

"This week offers an opportunity for Norwich City Council to do this as they vote on Anglia Square.

"The proposed project is set to create approximately 1,100 dwellings.

"But alarmingly, in the developers' most recent application, they commit to just 10pc of these homes being affordable.

Eastern Daily Press: An artist's impression of Weston Homes' revamp of Anglia SquareAn artist's impression of Weston Homes' revamp of Anglia Square (Image: Weston Homes)

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"Any redevelopment of Anglia Square should have a commitment to the provision of truly affordable social housing at its heart, which recognises the growing financial strain faced by households, particularly in this part of the city.

"In recent years we have seen several new housing developments across Norfolk and on the outskirts of the city, but for the people we speak to every day these properties are completely out of reach. 

"This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the council to act on the housing emergency by providing an alternative to the rocketing rental prices forcing too many residents into housing insecurity and even homelessness.

"The city council needs to stand firm and put housing affordability front and centre of this development."