A new wild forest campsite offering a “totally natural experience” is opening in Norfolk. 

Amber's Bell Tents, which owns six glamping sites across the country, is opening a new pitch-up site in Little Massingham. 

Husband and wife team Amber Wykes and Shaun Perkins have been running the sites for 10 years. 

Eastern Daily Press: Children's playground at Forest FolkChildren's playground at Forest Folk (Image: Amber's Bell Tents)

The new site called Forest Folk offers eight forest clearings widely spaced for tents and hammocks. 

Mrs Wykes hopes Forest Folk will offer all guests a “cathartic experience” sleeping under the stars. 

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She said: “After 10 years hosting glamping across the UK and offering guests an easy way to camp comfortably with access to stunning natural settings, it is a cathartic experience to strip back the offering to its essential parts. 

"Being in the forest, under the trees, making the woods your home for a couple of nights, cooking on the fire and switching off all other sounds apart from the wind in the trees and the bird song.” 

Eastern Daily Press: Facilities at Forest FolkFacilities at Forest Folk (Image: Amber's Bell Tents)

Eastern Daily Press: Facilities at Forest FolkFacilities at Forest Folk (Image: Amber's Bell Tents)

Each pitch will have its own fire pit and grill for a campfire and there is a woodland fort within a natural children's playing area. 

Forest paths lead to bathrooms with two flushing toilets, two hot showers and a hot water washing-up area. 

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Mrs Wykes added: "Science and research are finding out more and more that being outdoors heals.  

“It can boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve mood, increase energy levels and improve sleep to name just a few. 

Eastern Daily Press: Bell tents at Oak Dell next to Forest FolkBell tents at Oak Dell next to Forest Folk (Image: Amber's Bell Tent)

"There are no barriers to nature, you are sleeping under the stars - it's a totally natural experience and people need to be close to nature." 

The site will open on May 5 and the season will run until mid-September. 

Pitches are £15 per night per adult, £10 per night per child and the space can be booked for exclusive wild camps.