Norfolk MP Liz Truss was paid £65,000 for a speech she gave in India, after signing up with a corporate speaking agency following her resignation as prime minister.

The South West Norfolk Conservative MP joined London-based corporate speakers agency Chartwell after her 44-day stint in Number 10.

In February, Chartwell paid her £65,751.62 for a speaking engagement in Mumbai, at a conference organised by media company ABP Networks, which she attended for four hours.

Accommodation - for Ms Truss and a member of staff - was also paid for, valued at £1,800.

Eastern Daily Press: Liz TrussLiz Truss (Image: Denise Bradley)

Expenses, including flights, were also covered, according to the latest register of MP interests.

In her Mumbai speech, Ms Truss, recently re-selected to fight for the South West Norfolk seat she has held since 2010, highlighted how crucial India's role on the world stage is.

A month later, she received almost £6,500 through Chartwell for a speaking engagement at Tokyo University.

Ministerial watchdog Acoba cleared Ms Truss to join the agency.

In her final speech as prime minister, Ms Truss said she looked forward "to spending more time in my constituency and continuing to serve South West Norfolk from the backbenches".

A spokesman for Ms Truss said: "Liz continues to pursue a variety of local, national and international issues, standing up for Norfolk residents and the people of the United Kingdom."

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Eastern Daily Press: Great Yarmouth MP Brandon LewisGreat Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis (Image: (C) Archant Norfolk 2015)

The register also revealed Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis received a further £5,000 donation from Lubov Chernukhin, a banker and wife of a former junior minister to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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She and her husband hold British citizenship and her donations to the Conservative party - topping £2.1m - are legal.

Mr Lewis has now received almost £40,000 from her. He has not commented on the latest donation, but previously said he "would absolutely defend the right of any British citizen, including the people who have donated to myself and others, to play their full part in our democracy."