Concerns have been raised over "below standard" pothole repairs in parts of Norfolk, but council leaders have insisted they believe the problems are isolated incidents.

County councillors have claimed recent fixes on two Norwich roads by Norfolk County Council's contractors have been so poor that they have opened up again within weeks.

The matter was raised at a recent meeting of County Hall's Conservative-controlled council by Green councillor Paul Neale.

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Eastern Daily Press: Green county councillor Paul NealeGreen county councillor Paul Neale (Image: Norwich City Council)Mr Neale, who represents Norwich's Nelson ward, said: "Recently, there have been a number of cases where the patching work on potholes has been such poor quality that the holes have opened up again after just a few weeks – for example on Bowthorpe Road and Hellesdon Mill Lane."

He asked Graham Plant, the council's cabinet member for highways, infrastructure and transport, if he agreed the quality of repairs was "below standard".

Mr Plant said the authority's highways team had been asked to investigate.

But he said: "Initial feedback is that these failures are isolated incidents or new potholes forming next to the repair.

"The council’s approach is to undertake permanent pothole repairs first time and this works in the majority of cases."

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Eastern Daily Press: Graham Plant, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for highways, infrastructure and transportGraham Plant, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for highways, infrastructure and transport (Image: Jamie Honeywood Archant Norwich Norfolk)

Mr Plant said the first three months of the year was when roads were most susceptible to potholes forming, due to cold and wet weather.

People can report potholes at

He added the government had awarded Norfolk a further £6.4m to fix and maintain roads and said: "As part of this approach, there is also already a resurfacing scheme planned for the junction of Farrow Road and Bowthorpe Road later this year."

But Jamie Osborn, Green county councillor for Norwich's Mancroft ward, said: "Taxpayers' money is being wasted on repairs which have to be repeated after only a short time."

He called for the issue to be discussed by the council's scrutiny committee.