A business owner has offered to provide free door chains to homeowners in the Lowestoft area following the death of 82-year-old Joy Middleditch.

Michael Linton, 43, the owner of Spartans Building Services, has announced he would be installing door chains free of charge for any elderly or vulnerable homeowners in Pakefield and the surrounding areas after Mrs Middleditch died following a raid on her home over the weekend.

"The story is horrendous," Mr Linton said, "I was raised in Pakefield and spent 30 years there before relocating to Oulton Broad and do love the place."

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"Pakefield has such a great, strong community but after the attack I thought local businesses could do more."

Two masked robbers had forced their way into the home of Mrs Middleditch and knocked her to the ground, before stealing her handbag and fleeing.

Eastern Daily Press: Mr Linton grew up in Pakefield and has since moved to Oulton BroadMr Linton grew up in Pakefield and has since moved to Oulton Broad (Image: Facebook)

"There are things like Ring doorbells that have cameras but a lot of elderly people don't know how to use technology and a chain is so quick and easy to use." Mr Linton said.

"They aren't very expensive and are really simple to install but provide a massive amount of added security for these vulnerable people.

"We'll have to keep it limited because of the cost and time aspect but even if we do 10 or 15 a month that's 120 homes protected over the year.

"It's a starting block - if it goes well and there's a demand for it we can continue to offer it as a service for people who need it."

Mr Linton has previously offered his time for free when he built raised garden beds for a disabled veteran in Worlingham for him to grow fruit and vegetables to give to food banks.

He said: "It's good to give back to those in need - if you have a spare day, why not help someone?"