House building could finally be unlocked in large areas of Norfolk, as councils sign up for a new environmental credit scheme.

Breckland Council has become the latest council to agree to set up a new joint venture that would help end a blockage on developments.

Last year housebuilding was stopped in areas close to the Broads and River Wensum, to prevent excess nutrients from new homes from getting into the waterway.

But a new scheme would see Norfolk councils join up with Anglia Water to allow developers able to buy credits in return for mitigation.

Norwich, South Norfolk and Broadland councils have already agreed to join the scheme, with each one putting in £30,000 to help get it underway.

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Since the new measures - called nutrient neutrality - were introduced last year around 1,000 homes in Breckland have not been held up in the planning process.

Sarah Suggitt, Breckland's cabinet member for planning told Monday's cabinet meeting the credits would primarily help small and medium-sized builders which are unable to develop their own mitigation schemes.

No date has been set for when the credits will become available.