A west Norfolk road is currently closed after becoming flooded. 

The A1101 Welney Wash Road has been covered in water with a river level of 2.45m according to Welney Flood Watch. 

The group warned of water flowing completely over the road. 

In a post on social media, the group said: "There is water across the road on the first straight from Welney side and is right across the first corner.

"The deeper area is quite a length of fast flowing water.

The high winds have blown the barrier on Welney side back and the barriers and signage in the centre of the village near the March road turn are blown down and laying in the road.

"Expect levels to increase fast over the day, we will update early evening and before if needed."

Pictures posted by the group show the road completely flooded. 

A flood alert was put in place for west Norfolk on Sunday which covers Welney.