Norfolk's tales of folk law, ghosts and creepy goings-on are endless.

A county full of history lends itself to a tale or two of those stuck between two worlds.

We asked our readers where they thought the spookiest places in Norfolk were and these were the places which were mentioned the most.

1. St Benet's Abbey

Where: St Benet's Abbey, Great Yarmouth, NR29 5NU

Eastern Daily Press: St Benet's Abbey. Picture: Graeme Taplin/iwitness24St Benet's Abbey. Picture: Graeme Taplin/iwitness24 (Image: Graeme Taplin/iwitness24)

St Benet's has been gathering stories of ghosts and ghouls for thousands of years. 

In its heyday, the abbey, which was founded by a Viking king, owned land and property across Norfolk.

Its grand church was surrounded by accommodation, kitchens, a hospital, gardens and fishponds.

The first of many stories are of Christian hermits, slaughtered by Viking raiders. A monk named Essric agreed to open the heavy doors to Norman invaders - if he could become abbot.

He let them in, was pronounced abbot, and promptly hung for his perfidy.

The events are said to play out again and again and if you are passing at midnight, cover your ears and eyes against the final agony of the "shrieking monk" of St Benet's.

2. Ranworth Broad

Where: Ranworth Broad, Ranworth, NR13 6HS

Eastern Daily Press: Ranworth Broad. Picture: Luke MartinRanworth Broad. Picture: Luke Martin (Image: Luke Martin)

Colonel Thomas Sidney lived at Ranworth Hall in the 1770s and was infamously indulgent to the point where he was known locally as "the wicked Colonel".

One night, the Colonel followed an unknown rider in a black cloak and a large black hat concealing his face.

They galloped towards the black Broad before hearing a terrified shriek, then a splash and then…nothing.

3. Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

Where: Gressenhall, Beetley, Dereham, NR20 4DR

Eastern Daily Press: Gressenhall Farm and WorkhouseGressenhall Farm and Workhouse (Image: Newsquest)

Men, women and children all worked at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse from a very young age, in harsh poverty conditions, working endless hours of hard graft.

There are reports of wailing noises through the corridors at night, said to be coming from the punishment cell.

It is rumoured that these wails are those of Harriet, a rebellious child worker who was often in trouble for violent behaviour.

4. Baconsthorpe Castle

Where: Castle Lane, Baconsthorpe, Holt, NR25 6LL

Eastern Daily Press: Baconsthorpe Castle. Picture: Mike PageBaconsthorpe Castle. Picture: Mike Page (Image: Mike Page)

Visitors to the castle ruins often wander through the shattered remains to the moat at which point for some, the silence is broken by the unmistakable sound of stones breaking the still waters as if thrown from some height.

Confused by the ripples, visitors turn to see where the stones hail from, only to catch sight of a ghostly sentry or medieval soldier standing on the castle walls, throwing stones as if to pass the time.

Although startled, no one has ever reported feeling threatened by the stone-throwing spirit, and so he remains on guard at Baconsthorpe, waiting for his order to stand down.

5. Hainford Old Church

Where: B1354, Norwich, NR10 3BL

Eastern Daily Press: Hainford. Picture: iWitness24/Brandon LansdaleHainford. Picture: iWitness24/Brandon Lansdale (Image: iWitness24/Brandon Lansdale)

A few of our readers reported Hainford Church as their spookiest place in Norfolk, but the village also has another story, reported by Weird Norfolk.

On August 27 1971, a Mr (Philip) Arthur was driving to his home in New Hainford along the Cromer New Road at around 9pm.

He passed Norwich Airport and was around a mile from his house when he saw something strange hovering low over the fields - a glowing, bright orange domed disc which has been said to be a flying saucer.