Martin Turner founded Working Title, an online lifestyle store with a bricks and mortar shop on Bridewell Alley in the historic Norwich Lanes in 2016. Working Title works with both established brands and smaller independents to offer a variety of products from workwear and contemporary clothing, to heritage brands, grooming, fragrances, homewares, gifts and curated vintage over three floors. He lives with husband David and dachsund Daphne in Norwich.

I think the pinnacle of Norwich landmarks is of course the Cathedral. Everyday I see little sights of the spire and I’m always taken aback. It’s amazing to think such a relatively small city can house something so magnificently big and beautiful and then there’s the inside…wow.

The Sainsbury Centre has wonderful collections and exhibitions! I’m a fan of Francis Bacon, so it’s a joy to get so close to his work. The building itself is pretty magnificent and being used in the closing scenes of The Avengers was very cool.

I’m actually not that much of a pub guy but I always feel comfortable in The Stanley due to its inclusive atmosphere. Lovely people too!

Place To Eat
If there’s one thing Norwich is massively excelling in, it's eateries! There’s a tonne of options here..but I would have to say Shiki. It’s always an absolute joy and I’ve never been let down by the food, even when taking it away.

It has to be the absolute sweeping vista of Brancaster…there’s not many places where you feel so small in Norfolk but walking along the neverending sand, overlooking huge skylines. It’s beautiful.

As a shop owner myself I look out for many things. Customer service, quality of goods and most important - originality. I think the Elm crew were the first to do what they were doing here and often bring in homewares, gifts and lifestyle pieces which are unique. Due to the current climate, independent shops need you more then ever, so it's important to support the ones which are interesting!

There’s too many to mention! Olivia Colman? Picked as she was so superb as the understanding mum of a bisexual child in Heartstopper.

Blicking Woods is a firm favourite here. It tells the story of each season perfectly and has the incredible 'pyramid' mausoleum. I often visit in autumn when it's literally a sea of oranges, ambers and reds with surprisingly beautiful opalescent dung beetles often making an appearance.