If it’s old, rusty and dusty, it’s more than likely that Andy Watts and Tim Moss – aka Fergus and Gibbs - will love it.  

They specialise in tracking down, buying and selling 20th century collectables, describing what they do as modern-day archaeology. 

The pair have been mates – and collectors of militaria and automobilia – for years.  

And in 2021 they launched a business to showcase and sell their rusty relics - if they can bear to part with them, that is. 

Eastern Daily Press:

Fergus and Gibbs is named after Andy’s favourite Land Rover and his dog, Gibson. 

As he explains, they’ve uncovered all sorts of historic items including vintage petrol pumps, enamel advertising signs and even part of a Second World War aircraft which have been sold to collectors around the UK and beyond. 

While they don’t reveal their treasure hunting sources – they might be invited to industrial yards or farms - they’ve made some incredible finds. And they love the thrill of the chase. 

Eastern Daily Press:

“If someone’s contacted us to see an old petrol pump or an old sign it usually starts a whole relationship off. It self-perpetuates,” says Andy.  

“We are constantly on the lookout for items to buy. We never know what we’re going to find and there’s no limit to what we’ll buy. We once considered buying a full-sized static Spitfire aircraft,” he continues. 

“To date, one of our favourite items was a mainwheel from a Second World War aircraft which had been signed by Second World War veterans. Very rare, it was sold to a collector in the south of the UK. Selling things can be difficult, because we sometimes want to keep what we buy.” 

Andy and Tim are based near Reepham and Bury St Edmunds. They sell solely online and don’t have bricks and mortar retail premises. 

Eastern Daily Press:

Thanks to TV shows such as Shed and Buried, which follows trader Henry Cole as he goes out and about buying stock, interest in salvaged treasure - and the market for it - is on the rise.  

Like Andy and Tim, collectors are increasingly looking for items which have a history to them and spark a sense of nostalgia.  

Eastern Daily Press:

For Andy, automobila and militaria sparks fond memories of his grandfather. 

“Our customers are typically people like us, collectors,” says Andy.  

“We love items from our past. Whether it’s a piece of a Spitfire or an old Esso enamel sign, we value the history. Friends and customers often refer to us as the rust-seeking duo. 

“We have met some people with incredible collections of anything ranging from vintage petrol pumps to classic cars. One thing we have learnt, is never be surprised by what people collect!” 

Eastern Daily Press:

In fact, vintage petrol pumps have emerged as one of their favourite items to salvage. 

“We don’t know where our love of pumps came from – probably an early childhood memory,” says Andy.  

“Old petrol pumps look grand, almost like a soldier standing to attention. Maybe it’s a deep-rooted military connection. 

“Some go in garages and workshops. Others get pride of place in the house. With an illuminated globe on top they make an impressive lamp,” he says. 

Eastern Daily Press:

Andy and Tim have their own YouTube channel, @fergusandgibbs, and one recent video focusses on a search for vintage petrol pumps.  

They don’t restore items, preferring to leave the patina that items have acquired over the years intact. 

“We might remove a bit of the grease and grime, but restoration is a specialist skill,” says Andy. 

To see more of Fergus and Gibbs’ finds, see fergusandgibbs.co.uk and their YouTube channel @fergusandgibbs