As activities go, taking photos of rubbish bins might be considered a waste of time - but for one Norfolk man the hobby has earned him the accolade of 'Anorak of the Year'.

Dave Clark, also known as Dustbin Dave, rose to fame last year when his enthusiasm for rubbish receptacles went public.

The last 12 months have seen the Caister man appear on national TV, enjoy a tour of a bin factory and become the face of a nationwide campaign for recycling bins.

This publicity eventually brought Mr Clark to the attention of the Dull Men's Club, who presented him with the award at the weekend.

Eastern Daily Press:

Mr Clark, 52, said: "I was very honoured to receive the award, with the Dull Men's Club celebrating the ordinary things in life.

"It's important for everyone to take a step back and look at the world around you," he added.

The Dull Men's Club is an online community with about 10,000 members ranging from a man who collects milk bottles to a woman who randomly follows brown tourist signs.

Grover Click, founder and assistant vice president (the club's highest position), said: "Dave is doing something meaningful. He's passionate about it. There's not a bin you could put in front of him he couldn't comment on.

"He's clearly adhering to our motto of celebrating the ordinary."

Eastern Daily Press: Caister's bin spotter Dustbin Dave has been made the face of a new recycling  campaign... and he's loving their new bin designs.

For Mr Clark, the most pleasing aspect of the past year has been the increase in bin awareness, or "binterest", as he calls the trend.

"Bins have been off the radar for so many years, they have gone unnoticed. It's nice for them to finally get some recognition."

Friends, family and the general public have been sending him photos of the bins they see while out and about.

He has also received pictures of receptacles from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, the USA and Mexico.

Mr Clark's enthusiasm for bins began when he was about seven-years-old.

He loved watching binmen empty the bins on his street and enjoyed trips to the dump with his father.

"It blew my mind looking at all the stuff people were unloading from their cars."

A few years ago, he started taking photos of bins - "if it caught my eye or if it was a bit different, the shapes, sizes and colours".

Eastern Daily Press: Dustbin Dave said the QBAR recycling "is a real beauty".

Dustbin Dave's Trashy Top 5

After Mr Clark's passion for bins went public in February 2022, people have been sending him photos of rubbish receptacles, both ordinary and wacky, from around the world.

Many of these can be seen on his Bins Fantastic Facebook page and World of Bins on Twitter.

He now has a collection of more than one thousand such photos.

We asked him to share his five favourite bins from around the world:

Eastern Daily Press:

5. The Isle of Wight

Mr Clark is often impressed by a bin's location, and here is one braving the elements on Shanklin Promenade.

Eastern Daily Press:

4. Lake Garda, Italy

"This is a fun, wacky bin," Mr Clark says. "It gets your attention straight away."

Eastern Daily Press:

3. Bolnuevo, Spain

"Modern, colourful and very unusual," according to our curator of containers.

Eastern Daily Press:

2. Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

"A stunning bin in the shape of the world with a brilliant backdrop," deems Dustbin Dave.

Eastern Daily Press:

1. Birchanger, Cambridgeshire

But top of the heap is this rocket-shaped bin in neighbouring Cambridgeshire.

"One for the youngsters to enjoy," declares Dave.