With the new year ahead, now is the ideal time to de-clutter and deep clean your rooms before the busier spring season begins.

However, if you’ve neglected your cleaning routine during the winter months, it can be difficult to know where to start.

“Cleaning your home from top to bottom can seem daunting, but with preparation and the right tools, you can easily achieve a well-ordered and relaxing space,” says Tina Barkway, trading director at Aldiss department store in Norfolk. “A refresh of your cleaning routines can be hugely satisfying and put you in a positive frame of mind for the year ahead.”

Here are six simple spring-cleaning tips to get your home in shape.

1. Make sure you have essential cleaning supplies

Maintaining a clean and organised home not only requires some elbow grease, but also the right tools. “If you haven’t given your rooms a deep clean in a while, you’ll probably need to update your supplies – make sure you have all the essential cleaning equipment without causing unnecessary clutter,” says Tina.

As a basic, Tina recommends a long-handled brush, steam mop, vacuum, duster, dustpan and brush, scrubbing brush and microfiber cloths.

To bolster your efforts, you’ll also need a dedicated storage space for easy access to your cleaning supplies. “A laundry and cleaning cabinet is ideal for keeping all your supplies neat and ordered – stock the shelves with vintage tins, containers and housekeeping boxes for practical and stylish storage solutions that will motivate you to clean,” says Tina.

2. De-clutter kitchen cupboards and drawers

As the heart of the home where all the main action takes place, the kitchen is often a hotspot for mess and clutter. “If your cupboards and drawers are a jumble of pots, pans and crockery, use racks and organisers to maximize the space you have available and ensure your kitchenware is always on-hand,” says Tina.

Eastern Daily Press: The Joseph Joseph storage solutions can help you organise your kitchen utensils The Joseph Joseph storage solutions can help you organise your kitchen utensils (Image: Aldiss)

She suggests using smart storage solutions to bring order to your kitchen: “Try extendable shelves, expanding racks and rotating organisers to neatly store your pans and make smaller items easier to find.”

3. Streamline your laundry routine

No one enjoys doing laundry, but it’s an essential part of every household’s to-do list. “To make wash day less of a chore, use a laundry basket that comes with dual compartments to separate your light and dark fabrics, removable bags and a large capacity. This way you can stay on top of all the family’s washing,” says Tina.

Eastern Daily Press: The Tota 90-liter laundry separation basket from Joseph Joseph can help to streamline your laundry routineThe Tota 90-liter laundry separation basket from Joseph Joseph can help to streamline your laundry routine (Image: Aldiss)

Tina also recommends a fold-away ironing board to simplify the final step in your laundry routine. “Unlike traditional ironing boards that are fiddly and take up a lot of space, a folding tabletop ironing board can be stored and set up with minimal hassle, making ironing more convenient,” she says.

4. Freshen up your flooring

To fend off the effects of daily wear and tear, giving your flooring a regular deep clean can keep it looking its best. Once you’ve finished sweeping or vacuuming to remove any loose debris, Tina recommends using a couple of specialist tools, depending on the type of floor.

“Nothing achieves a freshly polished look like a steam mop, which can be used on most hard flooring except for wood,” she says. “I’d also recommend refreshing your carpets with a carpet washer – a portable version is ideal for tricky areas like the stairs and the extendable upholstery attachment can be used to spruce up your sofa.”

5. Wash your duvet

As well as washing your bed sheets and duvet cover, it’s a good idea to clean your duvet at least twice a year to keep it fresh. “Check the care label to determine the best way to clean your bedding – a gentle cycle of around 30° usually does the trick,” says Tina. “If your duvet is not machine washable, you can clean it by hand with a mild detergent and air dry it outside.”

Once it’s dry, store away your winter bedding and swap it for a lighter tog duvet to see you through the warmer months.

6. Scrub your kitchen appliances

You’re probably in the habit of wiping down your worktops, but how often do you do a hygiene check on your kitchen hardware and appliances?

“A stainless-steel cleaner is a must for steel cookware, dishwashers, oven surrounds, cooker tops and sinks to remove bacteria and make your kitchen sparkle,” says Tina. “You can also cut down on your cleaning time with an oven liner that catches spillages and can be easily cleaned.”

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