One of the year's last meteor showers is peaking this week with lots of bright meteors.

Active between December 28 and January 12, the Quadrantids shower will peak on January 3 and 4.

The meteors are characterised as blue with fine trains. 

At the peak between midnight and dawn, there will be upwards of 120 meteors an hour.

It is one of three showers a year that have a reliably high rate of meteors.

However, Quadrantids meteors are often fainter than others and seen less often due to the narrow time frame of visibility.

The shower is named after Quadrans Muralis, a constellation that no longer exists.

Viewers should make sure to turn off phones and torches 15 minutes before beginning to allow their eyes to adjust.

The moon is between being full and in its last quarter which may decrease visibility.

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