The number of electric vehicle charging stations in Norwich is set to soar - with council bosses set to install them in 40 residential streets.

It will double the number of publicly available charge points in the city, with Norfolk County Council bosses hoping it will encourage more drivers to go electric.

Council leaders say 46 charge points will be installed in residential streets in Nelson, Mancroft, Mile Cross, Sewell, Thorpe Hamlet, Lakenham and Town Close divisions.

Eastern Daily Press: Electric car charge points will be installed in 40 Norwich streetsElectric car charge points will be installed in 40 Norwich streets (Image: kasto80)

The pioneering partnership between the county council and UK Power Networks will see drivers of electric vehicles able to pay to plug into the on-street chargers.

Council officers say it is especially important to provide such chargers in residential streets, where car owners do not have driveways or garages.

The council has tendered for a suitable supplier to provide the charging points, which will be installed in 2023. It is hoped they will be up and running by the summer.

Eastern Daily Press: Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for highways, transport and infrastructureMartin Wilby, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for highways, transport and infrastructure (Image: Archant 2021)

Martin Wilby, the council's cabinet member for highways, transport and infrastructure said: "Norfolk County Council is committed to a greener and cleaner future and we have a leading role to play in reducing our carbon footprint through cutting the dependence on motor transport that runs on fossil fuels.

"We know we can encourage greater use of cleaner, greener electric vehicles by providing the supporting charging infrastructure vital to these ambitions.

"Due to the rurality of the county there has been a lack of private investment in such infrastructure but the council has played a pivotal role in helping to provide these chargepoints, which will be achieved through external funding and at minimal cost to the taxpayer."

The chargers would remain in place for at least the next eight years and, potentially, up to 15 years.

UK Power Networks is spending nearly £150,000 to reinforce the city's electric grid so the stations can be installed.

However, it could see some drivers lose parking places for non-electric vehicles.

The council says some on-street parking restrictions next to the charge points will need to be reviewed, so electric vehicles can access them.

As a minimum, bays which are designated solely for electric vehicles will have to be created for overnight charging, with daytime restrictions promoted where possible.

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2030 and Norfolk County Council last year unveiled a strategy to encourage electric vehicles last year, amid criticism the county was too slow in encouraging people to switch.

The strategy included the introduction of licences - costing £51.36 for two years - for people to run electric cables over footpaths to their cars.

But, as of November, only 15 applications had been received, of which 11 were granted.

The council says it is also looking at ways to get charging points installed in rural areas.

The Conservative-controlled council says it is committed to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions on its estates by 2030, but within its wider area, to work with partners towards ‘carbon neutrality’, supporting the government’s ambition for a net zero country by 2050.

But critics have questioned how that gels with plans for roads, such as the controversial £251m Norwich Western Link.

Which streets will get charging points?

Eastern Daily Press: Waterloo Road in Norwich is one of dozens where electric charge points will be installedWaterloo Road in Norwich is one of dozens where electric charge points will be installed (Image: Sonya Duncan)

These are the streets earmarked for charging points, although this list could be subject to change:

Dolphin Grove

Russell Street

Heigham Street

St Martins Road

Bakers Road

Patteson Road

Starling Road

Waterloo Road

St Clements Hill

Branford Road

Oak Street

Calvert Street


Durham Street

Portersfield Road

Neville Street

Mill Hill Road

Park Lane

Earlham Road

Stafford Street

Charles Square

Golding Place

Dereham Road

Midland Street

St Leonards Road

Wolfe Road

Telegraph Lane East

Wilson Road

Hobart Square

Hall Road

Southwell Road

Grove Avenue

Cricket Ground Road

Onley Street

Leicester Street

Mount Pleasant

Wessex Street

Union Street

Walpole Street

Essex Street