A cheeseboard is one of Christmas's greatest epicurean pleasures.

Tucking into a selection of cheeses accompanied by a few nice crackers, some local chutney and a glass of wine or a bottle of craft beer - we can't think of anything nicer.

For something really special, swap the supermarket for a trip to one of Norfolk's speciality cheese shops.

These are run by experts who are passionate about what they do and can help you to create the perfectly-balanced cheeseboard. 

The Cheese Room, Jarrold, Norwich 

Eastern Daily Press:

The stuff of dreams for anyone who is seriously into cheese. As part of its recent gorgeous revamp, the Food Hall at Jarrold now has its very own cheese room, alongside the impressive array of local cheeses including the likes of Norton’s, Mrs Temple’s, St Helena’s and Baron Bigod on the deli counter. 

The cheese room has a nostalgic old-fashioned grocery store feel and is refrigerated so the cheeses are aged to perfection.  

And their knowledgeable team can help you curate your perfect cheeseboard and then will cut exactly the amount you need and wrap it to take home. 

Eastern Daily Press:

The Norfolk Deli, Hunstanton 

Stocking around 100 cheeses, it’s clear that Mark and Rosie Kacary, owners of the award-winning Norfolk Deli in Hunstanton, really love their fromage.  

In fact, they’re so passionate about it they’ve even got their own cheese club, where each month members get to sample some of the best cheeses from around the world. 

They stock a huge range of Norfolk and Suffolk varieties, including the beer-washed Norfolk Tawny and Wissington, which has characteristics in common with manchego and pecorino, plus their favourite British and continental cheeses – and all the accompaniments you could need. 

The Norfolk Cheese Company, Downham Market 

The county’s wonderful artisan cheeses take centre stage at the Norfolk Cheese Company’s gorgeous deli in Downham Market’s High Street. 

It’s run by Nina Narramore, who took the leap and turned her passion for produce into a career. 

The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday. 

Star Plain Stores, Holt 

Based in a former pub, at Star Plain Stores Tom Brady has created a deli specialising in three of his favourite things in life – coffee, wine and, you guessed it, cheese. 

On his beautifully curated counter, you might find the Swiss mountain cheese Appenzeller, French Langres, which comes from the Champagne region and is made with a divot to allow Champagne to be poured over, and Italian Stravacco. 

Alongside, there might be local favourites including Mrs Temple’s Copys Cloud and Norfolk Tawny from Ferndale Farm. 

And on selected evenings you can sit in and savour a sharing board in the cheese and wine lounge.  

The Cheese Man, Norwich Market 

Run by Paula Taylor, The Cheese Man has been enticing foodies to Norwich Market for coming up to 20 years. 

She stocks an astonishing array of 140 cheeses from around the world – ranging from the ones made right here on the doorstep, to the likes of Black Bomber, Stinking Bishop and Cornish Yarg to more unusual finds such as a sweet cheese from Norway. 

Don’t know what to pick? They’re happy to advise. Plus, they’ve got biscuits and local pickles and chutneys to go with too. 

The Goat Shed Farm Shop, Honingham 

Eastern Daily Press:

The Goat Shed on the Steggles family farm was already a must-visit destination. Now there are even more reasons to stop by, because Rosemary's has been transformed into a cheese room and deli. 

It means there is a much bigger selection of cheese - choose from its own Fielding Cottage Norfolk Mardler and Wensum White award-winning goat's cheeses, along with the likes of Baron Bigod and Binham Blue. 

There is also a new deli counter with handmade savouries including sausage rolls, quiches, scotch eggs and Bray's Cottage pork pies. 

Lemon Tree Fine Foods - The Little Cheese Emporium, Moulton St Mary 

Tasting is actively encouraged at the Little Cheese Emporium at Moulton St Mary Nurseries near Acle.

It’s run by serious cheese lover, Marta, and her husband, Warren, who want to pass on their passion to others. 

A world away from the supermarket cheese shopping experience, customers travel from across Norfolk and Suffolk to sample the ever-changing range of 30-40 cheeses, find out the stories behind them and enjoy what they describe as traditional ‘old style’ customer service. 

They can also make up hampers, and offer prepared cheeseboards and towering cheese ‘cakes’ for celebrations. 

And 11 Norfolk cheeses (and one Suffolk) you must try this Christmas 

From rind washed to blue, goat’s milk to cow’s milk, Norfolk’s brilliant artisan cheesemakers offer something for every Christmas cheeseboard. Choose a selection of these, add crackers and local chutney – and voila. 

Norfolk Dapple  

This hard cheese is made by Ferndale Farm at Little Barningham. It’s made using unpasteurised whole cow’s milk and aged for four to six months. With similarities to Cheddar in both taste and texture, it makes a good alternative for your festive cheeseboard.  

Norfolk Tawny 

Some cheeses are washed in cider, wine and beers during the maturing process. Another cheese made by Ferndale Farn, Norfolk Tawny, a semi soft raw milk cheese, is surface washed using Stoatwobbler ale from Beeston Brewery which gives it a delicious hoppy twist.  

Binham Blue 

Eastern Daily Press:

One of the cheeses that put Norfolk firmly on the cheese-making map, Mrs Temple’s Binham Blue is made with milk from her herd of Brown Swiss cows, which grazes in north Norfolk. Binham Blue has a creamy texture and a sweet, tangy flavour.  

Copys Cloud 

Another from Mrs Temple, Copys Cloud has a fluffy white rind, which gives it the appearance of a brie, but its buttery, melting centre has a milder flavour.  

Norfolk White Lady 

A soft white ewe’s milk cheese, Norfolk White Lady is made by Becky Enefer at Wilton Farm at Hockwold in the heart of the Brecks. Brie-like, the ewe’s milk makes this a particularly rich and flavourful cheese which is best enjoyed if it’s taken out of the fridge an hour before serving. 

Norfolk Mardler 

From Fielding Cottage, Norfolk Mardler is a waxed, eight-week matured goat’s cheese, which is sumptuously creamy. 


This hard, pressed, matured creamy cow’s milk cheese by Mrs Temple is described by some as a cross between a Wensleydale and Cheddar. 

Wells Alpine 

Mrs Temple’s Wells Alpine was inspired by a cycling holiday in Europe. It’s matured for six to nine months and has a sweet, nutty flavour. One for you if you’re a fan of gruyere. 

Deopham Blewe 

Deopham Blewe is a blue cheese made with ewe’s milk. It's creamy and milder than some ewe’s milk blues. 

Wensum White 

It looks like a brie, but there’s a twist - Fielding Cottage’s Wensum White is made with goat’s milk. 

Baron Bigod 

Eastern Daily Press:

Okay, so it’s officially from Suffolk, but Fen Farm’s Baron Bigod deserves a place on any Christmas cheeseboard. The award-winning hand-made cheese is one of only a few raw milk brie de meaux varieties in the world. Our food editor, Charlotte Smith-Jarvis, who knows her cheese, describes it as “bloomy-rinded, earthy and mushroomy.”