One of the year's last meteor showers, Geminids, is peaking this week with bright and colourful meteors.

Active between December 4 and 20, the Geminids shower will peak on December 14 and 15.

The meteors are characterised by bright and moderately fast meteors with few trains.

They are also unusual in being multi-coloured - mainly white with some yellow, green, blue and red.

At the peak between midnight and dawn, there will be upwards of 150 meteors an hour.

This shower is associated with object 3200 Phaethon, making it one of the only major showers not originating from a comet.

Its radiant, where it appears from, is in the constellation Gemini which gives the shower its name.

Viewers should make sure to turn off phones and torches 15 minutes before beginning to allow their eyes to adjust.

The moon is between being full and in its last quarter which may decrease visibility.

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