Volunteers are being called to hunt for 'lost' ponds on the north Norfolk coast.

The Norfolk Ponds Project and University College London (UCL) are looking for people to help with a winter pond mapping project.

Project Pit Stop will be running after Christmas, and aims to work with volunteers to map ponds along the north Norfolk coast.

The project is an opportunity for volunteers to get outside over winter, take part in online workshops, learn more about their local ponds, and to help in the development of a pond survey method and online applications.

A spokesperson said volunteers could help bring a pond back to life or find a pond that nobody knew existed.

Previous research from UCL has estimated the number of ponds left in Norfolk at 23,000 - one quarter less than a century ago - but this has not been checked on the ground.

For more information, visit www.norfolkponds.org/project-pit-stop