Spectacular is a word often over-used, being applied to something perhaps somewhat better than good.

But in the case of this show tucked away along rural Norfolk lanes it is an adjective spot on in the true sense of the word – indeed, possibly it even understates it.

I’d heard people sing the praises of the Thursford Spectacular over the years, but I’d never been until the other day, and from the first note and the first dance step I was fully immersed in the varied and unique experience it offered, quite unlike any theatre experience, I had ever seen.

Eastern Daily Press: The Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2022 will feature more shows than ever before.

The precision of the dancing, the blending of the colours of the vibrant, but not gaudy costumes, the control and depth of the singing, the hilarity of the comedian (jovially tossing aside political correctness to the displeasure of no one), the ingenuity of the lighting on many occasions, and so much more.

Where else would you see a juggler juggling to the beat of music, or a gymnast performing to the rhythm of the Titanic theme tune, or through the medium of a live screen watch close-up the nimble fingers and feet of veteran organist extraordinaire Phil Kelshall taming the mighty Wurlitzer?

This is a truly memorable show that ticks all the superlatives and adjectival phrases: exhilarating – yes; exuberant – yes; exciting – yes; uplifting - yes; heart-warming- yes; moving – yes; wonderful – yes; hugely entertaining – yes. For three hours it transports you into a happy, harmonious, beautiful place you have never been to before.

Eastern Daily Press: The Thursford Christmas Spectacular is undertaking it's 2022 run of performances The Thursford Christmas Spectacular is undertaking it's 2022 run of performances (Image: Thursford)

And as a Christmas show it has a thread of Christian spirituality running right through it, highlighted, for me, by a beautifully executed monologue, Ring out Wild Bells.

In short the show, this year marking its 45th anniversary, is an experience which would lift the heart of the most stressed and troubled soul, and send them out into the night, through grounds lined by trees and wicker animals sparkling with lights, refreshed, renewed and more at one with the world. Exactly what a successful show should do.

I don’t believe anyone could leave this show not feeling better than when they went in. It is a truly spectacular event bringing people from all over Great Britain and indeed Europe to enjoy.

Take a bow, producer and director John Cushing!

The show runs daily until December 23rd, with two performances daily.