The grim reality of the cost of living crisis endured by families across Norfolk has been laid bare by an interactive map of real-life stories.

The map, produced by progressive campaign organisation 38 Degrees, features submitted stories from people struggling to pay their energy bills, housing costs, or living in food poverty. 

In Norfolk alone, it shows a range of people - retired and working, parents and non-parents - who are worried about how to make ends meet. 

Joanna Chilvers, a 34-year-old HR administrator in south Norfolk, said: "I’m worried how we will afford to heat our home as we use oil and nobody is talking about how expensive oil is at the moment, let alone the future.

“My partner is a cabinet maker and his employer has already seen their electric rise by over 50pc and they are a small business, so he may lose his job."

Alexander Pozyczka, a 48-year-old council worker in Great Yarmouth with a vulnerable wife, said: "My salary can no longer sustain my simple lifestyle and I'm really scared about the future."

Eastern Daily Press: The map, produced by 38 Degrees, shows where in the country people have shared their struggles with the cost of living crisis The map, produced by 38 Degrees, shows where in the country people have shared their struggles with the cost of living crisis (Image: 38 Degrees)

Also in Yarmouth, Kathryn Goodman, 68, a retiree living with her husband, said: "Our energy bills will be more than our council tax and mortgage combined.

“The level of these bills is unsustainable for the vast majority of the population."

And Kevin Clayton, 59 and living in former prime minister Liz Truss’s South West Norfolk constituency, simply wrote: "Have had to cut back on food shopping. Can’t have the hot water on much."

The latest inflation figure, 11.1pc in the year to October, released on Wednesday by the Office for National Statistics, is the highest since October 1981. 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said the government would set out its plans on Thursday to help bring inflation under control.

He blamed "the aftershock of Covid and Putin's invasion of Ukraine" for driving up inflation in the UK and around the world.

And he said he would take "tough but necessary decisions" on tax and spending to bring down debt and support sustainable growth while protecting the most vulnerable.

Eastern Daily Press: James Wild, MP for North West NorfolkJames Wild, MP for North West Norfolk (Image: Richard Townshend Photography)

In a recent tweet, James Wild - North West Norfolk’s Conservative MP -  said 99pc of eligible DWP customers had now received their second £324 cost of living payment, which he said would benefit 11,300 families in his constituency.

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